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Although a lot of students start out dancing simply for enjoyment, as they progress they may start considering using dancing in their future. Whether teaching or performing, versatility is the key to success. Generation Dance Centre is committed to offering students a large range of classes to give students the confidence to take their dancing wherever they would like it to go.








Royal Academy of Dancing

RAD is an internationally recognized Classical Ballet Syllabus of a very high standard. Examinations are usually held around late July to early August. Students wishing to sit grade exams are required to attend at least two ballet classes per week and are also required to attend a vacation school or take some private lessons prior to exams. Presentation classes are also available as an alternative to exams.

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Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing – Classical

Here at Generation Dance Centre, we use the CSTD classical syllabus as well as the RAD syllabus in our beginner and pre ballet class. Both these syllabi offer different aspects of classical ballet and by combining these children are given a great start into the classical ballet world. Senior students may wish to sit CSTD major exams to enable them to sit their teaching diplomas in classical ballet.

Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing – Modern Jazz & Tap Exams

CSTD Modern Jazz & Tap Medal exams are held in April or October. Although these exams concentrate on one subject it is still highly recommended that students also take one ballet class per week. This one ballet lesson per week is essential as students move into higher grades.


Examinations are not compulsory but are strongly recommended to give goals for students to aim for, assisting in building students confidence whilst advancing their dancing ability. Generation Dance Centre has always had exceptional results in both CSTD and RAD exams. CSTD hold 2 exam sessions per year, with the first being held in term 2 and the second being held in term 4. RAD grade exams are held in term 3.


alternative classes

Looking for something a little more fun, flexible or for fitness? Try out one of our popular classes – for all ages!

Ready Set Dance

Exclusive to Generation Dance, we offer the popular dance program – Ready Set Dance, as seen on Foxtel.

Song & Dance

Song & Dance is a fun and exciting class where students learn a variety of songs and basic singing techniques and dances. Microphones will be used in class from time to time. This class should be taken as a secondary class in addition to other subjects.

Beginner’s Classes

Beginners Classes are fun and lively classes designed especially with 3 to 5 year olds in mind. The class consists of lots of fun, games and mime activities whilst teaching students the basics of classical ballet, jazz and song.

Mummy (or Daddy) & Me Class

This class is for our young 2 and 3 year old dancers. The class consists of parent involvement and participation. As the year progresses and as our young dancers develop their confidence parent participation will be less until hopefully by 4th term they are confident enough to perform on their own!

Body Conditioning & Pointe Class

This class is designed for senior ballet students who are already in pointe shoes or who are preparing to go into pointe in the next year or so. Classes will consist of Pilates- based exercises and stretches to improve students’ core strength and flexibility. Equipment such as wobble boards and elasta bands will be used to improve balance, stamina and strength needed for pointe work; students will also be taught any syllabus work en pointe and given un-set pointe classes to gain confidence in performing en pointe.


Contemporary is a free flowing, expressive style of dance which has no boundaries. Ballet experience is a definite advantage for this class. Classes are for senior students only.


Acrobatics is a fun, active class where students will learn a variety of tumbling, balances and other acrobatic skills. Students will be required to take this as a secondary class as dance technique will be incorporated into their routines. Minimum age of 7 yrs.

Hip Hop

These classes will be fun and energetic beginner & intermediate classes for all ages from 7years. Boys and girls will love this modern street style dancing.

Extension Jazz Classes

These are available at senior and intermediate level. They are for all students to increase their modern dancing repertoire. Students aim to learn a new routine each term. These classes are fun and give students a taste of different styles of modern and commercial dancing.

Ballet Fit Class

This is the most fun way to get fit and flexible! This class is for everyone! Whether you are an experienced ballet dancer or have never stepped foot in a ballet studio before, this class is for you. It is a multi-level ballet class set to modern music. A fun way to gain fitness, strength, flexibility and co-ordination in a fun, non-threatening environment by completing a series of ballet exercises.


This year we have chosen a couple of groups we would like to participate in eisteddfods. Students in eisteddfod groups will require extra rehearsals and will be required for all eisteddfods entered. Solos, Duos and Trios can be arranged with Miss Stacey in the first term. Please fill in the eisteddfod form if you are interested in doing eisteddfods; groups will depend on numbers.


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