When using the ATM, attic access codes allow certain wells Fargo deposit account and brokerage customers to withdraw money from Wells Fargo ATMs without using their physical, ATM or prepaid debit card by displaying a code in our mobile app or sending it to a customer`s mobile phone via SMS on request. The terms and conditions of the ATM access code can be found in the Wells Fargo Debit, ATM and Prepaid Card Terms and Conditions for your card, as well as in the Debit Card Addendum of the Commercial Deposit Account. If an eligible account is held by more than one person (joint account) or has an authorized representative or delegate, any person may give us instructions (written, electronic or oral); make all decisions; receive information; or make a request in connection with the Eligible Account and related online financial services, to the extent permitted by the agreements on the Eligible Account. If your eligible account has multiple account holders, we may send account information to one of them. The person receiving the notification is responsible for providing copies of all account information to all joint, delegated or other account holders with access to the relevant eligible account or online financial service. Means a card, code or other means of access to a consumer`s account or a combination thereof (including username and password) that can be used by the consumer to initiate electronic funds transfers. You need a Username, Password, or other Wells Fargo-approved security and authentication controls to access your authorized online financial services and accounts through the Service. We may set standards for your username and password. We advise you to change your password regularly and choose a unique combination of username and password only with the service. We may provide you with additional options/preferences for the distribution of different messages related to your legitimate accounts or online financial services. Below is a brief description of the various features and requirements for the use of online statements and documents.

We may, in our sole discretion, add, modify or remove features of statements and online documents. Your continued use of the Service by you or your authorized representative after the effective date of the updated terms of the Agreement on our website constitutes your acceptance of any such modification to the Agreement. .