Dance Wear & Grooming

All students are expected to be well groomed for all classes.
Correct grooming is an essential part of the discipline of learning dance. It is important that students are dressed appropriately so that teachers can monitor body placement and technique.
For safety reasons watches and jewelry are not permitted to be worn in class (small sleepers or studs are okay).

Classical Ballet

All Girls – Pink ballet shoes, pink socks or tights (preferred from grade 3 upwards). Hair in a neat bun with no fringe. Definitely no jiffies as these are slippery and ill fitting.

All Boys – Black ballet shoes, white socks. Black or navy bike pants or tights. Blue GDC shirt

Beginner, Pre-Ballet & Primary – GDC uniform leotard and yellow ballet skirt.

Grades 1-5 – GDC uniform leotard, black character shoes (Cuban heel from gr 3). Yellow skirts may be worn for classes however are not needed from grade 1 up.

Majors – Pink ballet tights and GDC leotard, pink ballet shoes, pointe shoes must be checked by teacher before wearing, demi pointes for major exams. (Students must gain permission from teacher before buying pointe shoes for the first time).

Grades 6,7 & 8 – Pink ballet tights and GDC uniform, pink ballet shoes, black character shoes, long skirt and scarf 1mt X 2mt. Can use any scarf of these measurements for class, however will require particular coloured leotard skirt and scarf for exams.

Jazz and Tap

Girls – GDC uniform leotard and Dance pants or bike pants. Hair must be off the face.

Boys – Blue GDC shirt and black shorts.

All – Black flexi sole jazz shoes or booties, camel tap shoes, boys black tap shoes. Seniors only may wear dance sneakers however will need shoes or boots also.

Song & Dance and Acrobatics

All – As per Jazz and Tap uniforms. Black flexi sole jazz shoes or booties.

Adult Classes and Hip Hop

All – Comfortable clothing that is easy to move in. Correct footwear for your chosen class.  Children attending Hip Hop classes may wear sneakers.


As the cooler months draw closer students are not permitted to wear baggy jumpers and sweaters during class as it is impossible to correct students if you cannot see them properly and this may lead to injury. A tight fitting skivvy, spencer or a ballet cross over will be acceptable. (Step by Step have blue tie-front cross-overs which match our uniform.)

Where to Get Uniforms

GDC Uniforms are available from Step by Step at Kremzow Road Brendale (near the post office). Phone number is 3881 1669.

It is not expected that you purchase all uniforms immediately, however it is expected that you have these by second term. Shoes should be purchased as soon as possible as it makes it difficult for children to learn correct technique without the correct footwear. Definitely No Jiffies Allowed

2nd Hand items

You can find second hand items for sale on our Generation Dance Secondhand Dancewear Facebbook page