· Accordingly, CYBG has entered into an agreement with Virgin Enterprises Limited (“Virgin Enterprises”) for the use of the “Virgin Money” trademark provided that the offer is concluded. – An exclusive, unlimited and paid licence for the CYBG Group, for the use of the “Virgin Money” brand for financial services in relation to individuals, SMEs and businesses in the United Kingdom; (b) the rights, liabilities, obligations, interests or transactions of a member of the Wider Virgin Money Group or a member of the Wider CYBG Group under any such agreement, agreement, license, approval, lease or instrument, or the interests or activities of a member of the Wider Virgin Group or a member of the Wider CYBG Group in or with another company or entity or person (or an agreement); or Agreement relating to B. for such transactions or interests) which terminate, or are likely to be terminated or are likely to be modified or altered or affected, or an obligation or liability arising therefrom or which takes adverse measures; Virgin Money Giving is a non-profit company founded by Virgin in October 2009. From 2010, Virgin Group signed a five-year contract as the official sponsor of the London Marathon; The first Virgin London Marathon was held on 25 April 2010. This sponsorship led to the creation of Virgin Money Giving with the aim of “helping all fundraisers raise more money for good causes”. [55] This sponsorship has been extended until at least 2017 and has been known as the Virgin Money London Marathon since the 2014 race. [56] Virgin Money was founded in 1995 and significantly expanded its business in 2011 by purchasing the remains of Northern Rock for around £747 million. The Trademark License Agreement grants CYBG exclusive rights to use the names and logos of “Virgin Money” as well as certain non-exclusive rights to use the “Virgin” Marks (together the “Licensed Marks” associated with the licensed activities grouped together below. the cooperation agreement entered into on June 18, 2018 between CYBG and Virgin Money, as described in paragraph 14 of this Communication, (c) the existing trademark license agreement has not been terminated and no notice has been given. Founded on 3 March 1995 as Virgin Direct Personal Financial Services in partnership with Norwich Union, Virgin Money UK offered personal equity plans and launched Virgin One in partnership with the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) in 1997. This year, the Australian AMP bought Norwich Union`s 50% stake in Virgin Direct. [5] In 2000, virginmoney.com was established as a price comparison site. [6] In 2001, RBS acquired Virgin`s stake in the One Account joint venture.

[7] In 2007, Virgin made an offer to acquire Northern Rock Bank; This original imperative failed….