Liberty exclusively offers Volkl skis with Dalbello markers and boots. Volkl`s skis offer a wider tip and a softer tail that helps skiers improve by improving the engage and allowing an effortless transition at the end of the turn. A slight swing at the top also contributes to simpler curves and allows for better directional stability. We are very pleased to bring this state-of-the-art technology as a rental standard. Liberty works with Burton and Volkl to bring you the best of rental equipment. Rental services in a variety of brands are also available. The helmets are included in the rental price and are also sold separately. When renting a helmet, it must be suitable for the individual. You cannot be exchanged with another person during your stay. To have the right fit, the person wearing the helmet must not wear another hat, have large or extra-stylish hair. The helmet should be seated close to the head – additional spaces or gaps lead to an inappropriate adjustment.

After you finish your purchases in the ticket window, go to the rental service to pick up your equipment. Ticket sellers can send you to the rental service if they make your rental forms available to you. 8. Electricity and gas are not part of the rental price. Electricity and gas must be transferred to the tenant`s name before the rental begins. If you want your own equipment without breaking the bank, hate waiting in long queues in the loan, or you have this special member of the family who just can`t stop growing up… then a seasonal lease is a good choice! The last thing to rent every day is 3:00PM Make sure your kids are in the right place. Children`s programs on the ground floor of the learning centre have a small rental area.

This property has facilities for children up to 6 years old, while older children should receive their equipment at the Rental Shop upstairs. If you`re travelling with a mixed age and you can`t separate them, the Rental Shop on the top floor is exactly the other thing. We offer several leasing options that are safe to meet your children`s needs! If you are renting ski or snowboard equipment from us, you will be fit and great, as you bought directly – but without waiting any longer in line for rental equipment that can be loose, beaten or wet by someone else! The safety of our customers and our team is our top priority and we have improved our operations to ensure the best and safest rental experience for all. Here`s what you can expect from your rental experience as part of our COVID-19 response. 12.C is a violation of our rental agreement that guest and guest fees are charged to people who are not in the rental agreement.