Activated – rules that are still valid for agreements that have entered a terminal when applying the rule. The “change agreements” feature can only be used for documents that meet the “changeable” criteria. If a document can be changed, the Manage Link Change page will appear when the document is selected. A modifiable agreement meets the following criteria: When setting up the rules at the group level, an additional option is available to maintain all agreements for this group. An agreement can be opened to view the content (as it stands) by clicking on the agreement with a single click to select it, and then select the open chord in the right way options. A data protection administrator must be appointed by the account administrators, so that he or she is allowed to view all agreements and delete them if necessary. Expired – Outdated rules do not have terminal agreements that are still deleted, download a PDF copy of the current version of the agreement. You can download either the full PDF or the individual files (ordered as when loading). With this option, a group can replace an account-level retention rule and maintain all agreements (for group users) for an indefinite period. Transaction events can be verified in the History tab.

It is a report on all stages of the agreement to date. The audit report is a memorable version of this information in PDF format. This process is carried out by all recipients of the contract until the agreement is fully implemented. The sender of a contract can replace the document and process the fields after the agreement is sent, provided that the first recipient has not yet completed its action. If you disable a rule, all remaining agreements subject to the rule will no longer have a deletion date that will be met. You cannot cancel the MegaSign transaction if one of the signatories has already signed the document. The Cancel button is disabled. These memories are always cyclical and apply to all recipients of the agreement. The sender only has to set the iteration that triggers the memory.

There are six options: the right rail is replaced by the list of events recorded for the agreement. This action replaces only the current beneficiary of the agreement. If you need to change a signatory that will be later in the process, wait until it`s the turn of the signature. If a contract is not entered into or terminated before the expiry date, the transaction is completed. The concept of a rule (in the context of this article) describes a prescribed process. In this case, the process that controls when an agreement is removed from the Adobe Sign system. It is a higher term that is used to refer to the idea of applying a variable condition (if an agreement is removed) to another object (in this case agreements). If the contract can be amended, the link change agreement is available on the right rail if the data protection administrator finds that the agreement is no longer necessary, he can remove it completely and irrevocably from the service.

Depending on your sending settings, you may be able to use the Preview option and add signature fields to add form fields to the modified agreement. Recalls send an email to the next signatory reminding them that the agreement is awaiting their signature. They can be set for each current transaction and are sent to the parties you specified. If a Signature requires that its information be removed from the Adobe Sign system, the Privacy Admin account can search for the user`s email address and return all agreements that the email address participated in and that were created in the administrator`s account.