12.3. The supplier ensures that it and all its employees, agents, contractors and any other party that fulfils its obligations or exercises its rights through an order and/or other agreement that the supplier may have with the Buyer, comply at all times with all modern laws, regulations and codes of slavery applicable in all jurisdictions. At the buyer`s request, the supplier must demonstrate the relevant measures, measures and laws, regulations and codes of conduct. 4. The State Bank of Vietnam and other relevant authorities, in accordance with the legal provisions governing the process of carrying out the tasks and tasks of preventing money laundering, have the power to request information from organisations and individuals defined in paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 of this article. (d) the customer requires the casino and the award-winning electronic gambling venue several times a day to exchange the traditional number of money for cash; 1. The State Bank of Vietnam, in the course of its functions, in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, other ministries and relevant sectors that propose the negotiation and signing and implementation of international treaties, presides over an international agreement on the prevention of money laundering; International cooperation in research, training, information, technical and financial assistance and the exchange of experiences in the area of money laundering prevention. 3. Regular exchange of information and documents on the methods and practices of the new money laundering offence in Switzerland and abroad with the State Bank of Vietnam 3.1. The quantity, quality and description of the products and services, subject to these conditions, are indicated in the order and/or in an applicable specification that the buyer makes available to the supplier or has agreed in writing by the buyer. (d) issuing transfer instruments, credit cards, debit cards, money instructions, electronic money; 10.

The presidency and coordination with the relevant authorities promote legal training in the prevention of money laundering. 6.5. Each delivery or shipment of the goods must be accompanied by a package note with the order number, the buyer`s room number, the supplier`s room number, the lot number and the quantity delivered, and must be displayed in due form. 12.2.2. Any breach of this clause by the supplier is considered a substantial breach of the contract and gives the buyer the right to terminate the contract. The prevention, detection, arrest and management of money laundering activities is consistent with the provisions of this law and other provisions of the applicable law, with the exception of other provisions relating to international conventions to which the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is affiliated. 13.3. Under a treaty right of audit, if this is the case, the other party`s accounting and financial documents, or in some other way, demonstrates that the party has substantial or repeated violations of paragraphs 13.2.1 and 13.2.2, it will inform the other party and ask the party to take the necessary corrective action within a reasonable time and to inform it of this measure. If the latter party does not take the necessary corrective measures or if it is not possible to remedy this situation, it can use a defence by demonstrating that it has taken appropriate preventive measures to combat corruption up to the date of the finding of evidence of an offence, as described in Article 10 of the 2011 CIC Anti-Corruption Rules, which are tailored to its particular circumstances and are likely to detect corruption and promote a culture of integrity within its organization.

If no corrective action is taken or if, if necessary, the defence is not valid, the first party may, at its sole discretion, suspend or terminate the contract, pending that all amounts payable at the time of the suspension or termination of the contract remain payable, as far as applicable legislation permits.