If this property belonged to your grandfather, he is the only one who has the right to execute a certificate of division that shares the real estate in his name between the persons he wishes to assign to his property or by family agreement or by enforced execution with deed, but all these documents involving the transfer of property are necessarily registered. Any unregant contract that is not valid even on a white paper and you cannot file such a case in court on that basis. Instead of making a deposit, you could have made yourself a sales contract or a deed of sale that would have more authenticity than this white game agreement. Has each family kindly clarified a lakh at their grandparents` house by appointment 2? The White Paper is the subject of a legal challenge and the Tribunal is being attacked? In the requirement that we also have for the deposit of 100,000 /- of each family for grandparents (3 absent in total) There is no law for children to claim rights in their own parents and absolute property during their lifetime. 3. Your father`s share has been passed on to his widow and children. Thus, you or your mother can take legal action for the partition in order to holster your respective actions. 2) It is necessary to advise this arrangement by other child thieves also have the right to take Shar from their parents Ask a question and get several answers in an hour. 2) Yiur mother and you inherit from the heir of real estate when grandparents die without will lawyers are now available to answer your questions. 3. If my mother has legal support for the law to share my father? About his grandfather`s death. Al his woukd children have the same share of his real estate I asked that the whole real estate can t shar for one child 3) during your life yiu grandparents do not share their property Any document registered with the transfer of ownership should be considered a valid transaction. 5) Grandpa can run the property of younger father bequeath.

4) On grandparents die your mother and you your heirs quote share of the property It seems memorandum of the family agreement and woukd committing to the parties If it was your father`s property, then your mother may have a share in it, just as you have a share as your father`s legal heir 2) receive copies of the sales note for the purchase of this sub-registrar building 2. If the partitionstat has been executed and you have signed it, you cannot question it now. The characteristics of your grandfather, when he died intestate, are delyzed according to the estate law on his legal heirs. Understand the legal situation in this regard first, and then decide on any further legal action in this context. 1. If I have a dispute about my young father with the above agrement? Or do I have the legal right to divide my grandparents` property? 1. Who do you call “younger father” and “older father”? Who`s your biological father? However, grandparents may have bequeathed any child they keep for property in shape. If there is a chance to occupy my favorite properties noticed in the above, if there are legal questions? Four of them.

During their lifetime, your grandparents are free to perform a will on their part, 6) You can start staying in property that are mentioned in the memorandum of the family agreement Grandfather 2 other characteristics and grandmother have a total of 3 characteristics, of which one of their parents 4.Si the law supports us, my grandparents in the future if it is registered (or becomes) total property to my young father.