The phone arrived with a set of 18 points of conditions that he had to accept before the phone could be. And the deal came not from Apple or the phone operator, but from its mother. Thousands of people, including those who complain too much about helicopter parents, commented and shared the fun and warm agreement posted on the holiday by Cape Cod, Mass., mother of five. Interest collapsed on his website and led him to appear on morning television with his eldest Gregory. The new iPhone, which he was looking for all year, came with a list of 18 “Conditions” points – all created by his mother. “Merry Christmas! You are proud to own an iPhone. Hot Damn! You`re a good 13-year-old boy and you deserve this gift,” the agreement begins. “But with the passage of this present, there are rules and regulations.” 12. Do not send or receive images of your private parties or other private parties.

Don`t laugh. One day, you will be tempted to do so despite your great intelligence. It is risky and could ruin your teenage/college/adult life. It`s always a bad idea. Cyberspace is huge and more powerful than you. And it`s hard to get rid of anything of that magnitude — including a bad reputation. Other rules prohibit porn and sending or receiving “photos of your private parts or private parts of others.” The rules also describe the times and places where the phone can be used. As a child of the bee generation, I was fortunate to have parents who looked after my well-being and instilled a lot of ownership of all my belongings. That`s why I`ve had so many “GET OFF MY LAWN” moments lately, with all these whipper snappers and their iThis and iThat thingamadiddies. Today`s children are lazy, and they are the reason why America finds itself in the pits of the back. 18. You`re going to get confused.

I`m going to pick up your phone. We`re going to sit down and talk about it. We`re going to start all over again. You and I are still learning. I`m on your team. We`re here together. December 30, 2012 — Greg Hoffman, 13, had asked his parents for an iPhone throughout the year. So, on Christmas morning, he was delighted to find the object of his desire under the tree, but there was a catch. “I love you madly and I look forward to sharing millions of text messages with you in the coming days,” she added.

Parents want more online protection for children, say data protection groups. Save my name, email address and website in this browser for the next time I will make a comment. First rule on his mother`s list: “It`s my phone. I bought it. I`ll pay for it. I`m borrowing it from you. Am I not the tallest? “Merry Christmas! You are now the proud owner of an iPhone,” the contract begins. “But with the adoption of this present come rules and regulations…

If you don`t follow the list below, your iPhone property will be terminated. Janell posted the whole contract with her son on her blog and everything is pretty fantastic. I made my favorite rules bold, but this story gives me a little more hope for the future of humanity. If we could raise all our children in a sexless world, we might be able to fight idiocracy. Hofmann was looking for a way to open the conversation with his son. Of course, many other parents are also concerned about what their teens are doing online, but also about what is being done to them. . Greenfield recommends contracts like Hofmann`s, if the parents follow. Others crawl with applications and monitoring software. He thinks that`s normal. . “Parents must also have limits,” he said. “We must be brutally honest with ourselves when it comes to our own use and abuse.” “You wouldn`t give your child a car without making sure they have insurance,” said Shipp, who hosts Lifetimes” Teen Trouble.

“It is therefore irresponsible to give them a mobile phone or computer without teaching them how to use them responsibly.”