And to double everything, even if Virgin Media originally insisted that my husband was the only person who could cancel the service when I asked if he should call, my word was pretty good this time! Hello June, thanks for your comment, and I`m sorry to hear about the problems you`ve had with Virgin Media. I would recommend making a formal complaint to Virgin Media here via its website. This is probably the best way to solve the problem. I would not recommend cancelling your withdrawal with them. If you do, they will still try to follow you for the money and can add a missed payment record to your credit files. Ken You can terminate this contract at any time for any reason, which is subject to payment of all unpaid payments (if any) related to the Services. To cancel your Virgin Media contract, select 150 of your Virgin Media home phone or 0345 454 1111 from any other phone. I patiently explained that I wanted to leave because we had registered with another provider, but I was told that I had to talk to someone else in relation to the customer to give the 30-day period to terminate the account. Virgin Media reserves the right to refuse you the sale of services if you have not passed our Smart Home Application Check, even if you are already an existing customer. We can, if necessary, perform application tests to help us confirm your identity and decide if you want to accept your application. On the basis of the above, Virgin Media reserves the right to restrict (or cancel) the sale of devices that we make available to you and to allow only certain payment methods. However, you will be informed by SMS. The cancellation of your Virgin Mobile service is subject to a different cancellation process.

You can terminate your contract by providing Virgin Media with one month. In some cases, it may be possible to cancel your Virgin Media service without paying an early cancellation fee. You can do this if the speed of your broadband connection is slower than the guaranteed minimum download speed you indicated when you logd into the service. This would also be possible if Virgin Media increased your rates more than the rate of inflation. Are you a Virgin Media subscriber and want to cancel your subscription now? Sometimes you have the right to cancel without paying an early disconnection fee as part of your contract term, z.B. if we make certain changes to your terms or rates. We will always tell you if that is the case. In addition to the consequences for you, if you miss payments under this agreement, Virgin Media may suspend or cancel this agreement and ask you to pay all the costs due by writing the required legal notification if you: a) do not pay any payments, fees, fees or other amounts earned under this agreement, which I called the after-sales service, which insisted that only my husband, the holder of the official account, could terminate the service, which could only be done by telephone. If you have a question about one aspect of your contract, you can contact us at number 1908, by email at or you can also use one of our online contact forms by clicking here If the contract is terminated during your minimum term, cancellation fees may be incurred. How you terminate your Virgin Media service depends on the situation you find yourself in: For more information, check out our guide to stopping your broadband service. You can also visit Virgin Media`s official website for more information on abandoning your Virgin Media service. If you terminate your services, we will give you 90 days before your Virgin Media account closes.