The Act contains provisions for the construction and repair of walls at the intersection of adjacent land and adjacent excavation and construction. The walls of the party are on the land of two or more owners and either: the law establishes the rights and obligations of the adjacent owners. Existing WallsIn the law, a contractor enjoys various rights of reparation or obligation within the walls of existing parties or the “fence walls of the party.” A wall is a “party wall” when it is the border of the country, which belongs to two (or more) different owners. If consent is not obtained, the owner can only erect the wall on his own land. (Owners who wish to build in this situation must ensure that no foundation is built on adjacent land without their permission.) Dispute resolution by the participation of a surveyor is provided. Check out the instructions on party walls and the construction of You can also have a “party structure.” It may be a floor or other structure that separates buildings or parts of buildings with different owners, z.B. apartments. New walls and excavation and adjacent constructionIf a contractor wants to build a new party wall or a “party fence” at the border, he must write to the neighbouring owner for a month. Summary 1) If you are doing work on an existing party wall or fence wall, you should get the agreement of the adjacent owners in writing. The work includes stretching, supporting, building, repairing, reducing or cutting into an existing wall.

Note: The boundary can be located in any position between the two buildings determining the distance between the owners who perform the work and the adjacent owners2) If you are building a party wall or a fence wall part that relates to adjacent owner land, then you must get the agreement of the adjacent owner in writing. The agreements of the party are different from the building permit or the planning permit. An agreement with your neighbour under the law does not exempt the possible need for a building permit or building permit. This brochure has been simplified and updated to provide answers to regular questions. For example, what a party bonus can cover, what to do when a building becomes unsafe, or if the noise is excessive because of the work done and the role of the surveyor. You should tell your neighbours if you want to carry out construction work near or at your common land border or “party wall” in England and Wales. Prevention and Resolution of Disputes on The Walls of The Parties In the event of a dispute, the persons concerned may, by appointment, appoint a surveyor to settle the dispute or appoint a surveyor acting in their place. The surveyor makes a “distinction” that indicates how and when the work can be performed.

If the adjacent owner agrees, the wall can be built in half on each owner`s land or in such a position, as both agree. “A party fence wall” (z.B garden wall) is not part of a building and is on the edge of the land of two or more owners. It is used or built for the separation of adjacent lands. You will find letter templates and other information to inform in the explanatory brochure of the party wall. To find out if you need a Party Wall Agreement, visit the Home Owners Alliance website, which provides instructions for building work authorization and serving a party notice.