In April, the TDSAT Telecommunications Litigation Court overturned the DoT ban on 3G roaming pacts (3G ICR). “As we create our own network for a new era, these agreements help our customers stay in touch during roaming. Our goal is to provide every Indian with state-of-the-art digital technology through our 4G-LTE high-speed network, and that`s in the spirit of One India,” said Sanjay Mashruwala, Managing Director of Reliance Jio. Industry insiders have added that the chances of intracircle roaming… The operator`s revenues depend entirely on the agreements reached between the two operators. Idea Cellular Ltd will comply with the telecommunications department`s guidelines on roaming agreements, according to an internal telecommunications service. An unprecedented ruling by a telecommunications court has created more uncertainty as to whether agreements on the provision of 3G mobile roaming services between major telecommunications operators can be maintained. While a member of the court stated that these pacts between telecommunications companies such as Airtel, Vodafone and Idea, which proposed 3G roaming within a single telecommunications circuit, were illegal and should be terminated immediately, Judge S.B. Sinha. Sinha decided that new communications should be sent by the telecommunications service to telecommunications operators to give them time to react. These are the first 10 developments:1) The court is a bank of three judges, but only two judges have sat in this case. Thus, there has been no majority decision today and lawyers say they are not sure of the prevailing verdict.

But until there are further instructions from the telecommunications division, or DoT, existing roaming services offered by telecommunications operators will not be immediately cut off.2) Meanwhile, telecommunications companies are expected to be against a judge`s decision that their agreements are illegal. Justice Sinha said telecommunications companies could go to the Supreme Court if they so.3) Telcos reached an agreement after the auction of 3G frequencies last year to provide roaming services in environments where they were unable to obtain frequencies. No company has obtained a pan-Indian license, so that these pacts should allow smooth access to consumers and smooth use of unused frequencies.4) But if agreements are declared illegal, this could affect tariffs, as operators may not be able to lease their frequencies to each other, which would increase their operating costs.5) the actions of telecommunications companies acted earlier in the day while waiting for a favourable judgment in the green. But when the confusion spread, they paid some of their profits. At 2 p.m., Bharti Airtel`s shares were listed at 2.84 percent at Rs318.65, while Idea Cellular also listed shares 4.5 percent at R81.20 in the green. “This agreement builds on our efforts to build strategic partnerships with other telecommunications service providers to create a significant presence across the country. As we create our own network for a new era, these agreements help our customers stay in touch during roaming,” said Sanjay Mashruwala, Managing Director, Reliance Jio. Vodafone India and BSNL today signed a 2G intra-Circle roaming agreement for the management of each company`s metro.