In addition, the transfer or sale of reservations with the hotel are not allowed. You can cancel your booking or change the name of the traveller here. In case the weather conditions are not as desired or the weather conditions are unpredictable, the customer has the right to cancel the booking with the Agency up to one hour before the start of work. Unless otherwise agreed, these are considered good weather bookings. More information from the tenant on booking and booking: In July 2019, the luxury hotel chain Aldemar[42] ended by referring to “practices [by] that violate the laws of the market, their participation in Booking offers. The Greek hotel association denounced the practice of impose its percentage tax on VAT, including the full room rate. The company replied that, under the terms of its bilateral agreements with hotels, each party to such an agreement is free to depart from it “everywhere”. [43] The balance is payable no later than 4 (4) weeks prior to arrival, unless other agreements have been concluded. If you cancel the booking, you may be charged the following cancellation fee: The customer`s right to cancel the booking is not valid for contracts for which the allowance has been called advance booking discounts (“early booking discounts”. In its decision, the FCO found that such “narrow” parity rules reduced hotel incentives to offer better deals on other OTA websites, even though this is formally permitted under the new reservation system.

The FCO argued that hotels that have offered better deals on other OTA booking platforms could only meet these best terms on their own website if they also agree with the best deals on According to the FCO, this would have a deterrent effect on the OTA online platform market and would also reduce the attractiveness of its own websites, which would also have a negative impact on the hotel market in Germany. In essence, the Court agreed with that its “narrow” parity clauses were necessary to prevent customers from travelling on Booking`s online booking portal. In its press release, the Court explained that works by connecting hotels and guests for a fee charged to hotels for each transaction (i.e. booking) via the platform. Customers therefore have a simple “one-stop shop” where they can see all the available rooms and the best prices at a glance. However, if hotels are able to offer better deals on their own sites, guests would be encouraged to collect valuable information about and then make the final booking on the hotel`s website, with the resulting revenue losses for booking. II.

the conclusion of agreements on premium services. 1. The activation of premium services is payable. 2. Premium service is used in its entirety after selecting the preferred period for access to premium service and payment for premium service. 3. The Agreement on the implementation of the Premium service will come into effect when the funds are posted to the operator`s billing account. 4.

Premium service is offered monthly. 5. Premium service can also be used as a 30-day single trial period. 6. After filling out and shipping the order form, the user can make premium service orders. 7. The user is informed of the price to be paid for the Premium service when ordering.